Super-Smashing&Loosening Cultivator 550

Short Description:

Dimension(Lengh*Width*Hight): 5240X2100X2400 (mm)
Operating weight: 11600 Kg
Grade ability: 20°
Fuel tank capacity: 440L
Hydraulic oil tank capacity: 280 L
Ground clearance: 350mm

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Comparison tests of soil cultivation and plantation for Super Smashing and Loosening Cultivator have been conducted in more than 20 domestic provinces and regions. Covering more than 30 types of the crops, including rice, sugarcane, corn, wheat, and so on, it has demonstrated a obvious result of yield increase, which have great significance to increase the national grain output. Currently, the design level of the machinery is believed at the top position worldwide.

The presentation of the Super Smashing and Loosening Cultivator revolutionarily changes the traditional farmland cultivation type. Under the premise of not disordering the soil layer, vertical helical drill goes deeply into the soil layer to pierce and smash soil transversely with high speed, and improve the soil hardening conditions. The smashed and loosened soil layer increases aeration and water absorbing ability, enables crops to fully absorb nutrients from the soil and effectively promote the growth of the crops, and achieves the purpose of increasing yields and income finally.


Model Dongfeng Cummins QSZ13-C550-Ⅲ
Rated power 410 kw/1900r/min
Max. Torque 2300N.m/1200~1700r/min
Displacement 13L


Track width 450 mm
Track Rubber track
Track gauge 1650mm
Carrier roller(single side) 2 pcs
Track roller(single side) 6 pcs
Idler(single side) 1 piece

Travel Tansmission Hydraulic system

Double circuit loop electric control hydrostatic driving system
Brake  wet type multi-disc braking device
 Final drive  two stages planetary gear speed reduction final drive.
Travel speed 0-5.5 km/h
Max. working pressure 40 Mpa

Implement hydraulic system

Control method electric hydraulic control
System flow 115L/MIN
Max. working pressure 20 Mpa

Smashing & scarifying hydraulic system

Control way electric hydraulic control
System flow 480 L/MIN
Max. working pressure 40 Mpa

Rotary tillage device

Rotary tillage device
Auger  6 sets
Max. tilling depth  500mm
Tilling width 2100 mm
Max. rotating speed 506r/min

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