Multi-function Bulldozer

  • Multi-Function Bulldozer SD7

    Multi-Function Bulldozer SD7

    SD7 Multi-function bulldozer is a new product for digging&embeding the optical fiber cable on the ground, designed and fabricated by HBXG performing the following functions: laying&emdedding optical cable, steel cable, electricity cable, emerging the digging, laying,embedding with one process, utmostly improving the working efficiency.

  • Multi-function Bulldozer TS165-2

    Multi-function Bulldozer TS165-2

    Max. digging &embedding depth: 1600mm
    Max. Diameter of the laid hose: 40mm
    Laying &embedding speed: 0~2.5km/h (Adjusting according to the working conditions)
    Max. lifting weight: 700kgs
    Max. diameter of the coil of hose: 1800mm
    Max. width of the coil of hose: 1000mm
    Width of digging: 76mm