SXY-M-SG400 Snow press report

At present, more than 50% of the ski resorts in our country are not equipped with snow groomers, and a considerable part of the snow groomers equipped are second-hand equipment, which shows that there is a broad market for snow groomers. And foreign companies that produce snow groomers almost monopolize the global high-end snow groomer market. Although domestic snow presses have been developed and manufactured for about 6 years, high-power high-end products are still blank. In recent years, HBIS Xuangong company has been committed to the research and development and application of domestic high-end snow groomers based on a high starting point to achieve the company's diversified development. The snow groomer SG400 was successfully rolled off the assembly line in January 2018, breaking the foreign technology and price monopoly in the field of snow blowers and filling the gap in similar domestic products.

SXY-M-SG400 Snow press report1
SXY-M-SG400 Snow press report2

HBIS Xuangong's equipment manufacturing has made breakthroughs in the ice and snow industry. The industrial design of the snow groomer, the electrical control system, the hydraulic transmission system, and the walking chassis system have achieved independent design in key technical links. The snow groomer SG400 adopts the domestic leading electronically controlled hydrostatic transmission system. The front snow shovel has eight movement directions, and the rear snow plough is four-way movement. The frame is made of a large amount of low temperature resistant metal, combined with patented low specific pressure crawlers. In the cab, the front window adopts double-curvature heating explosion-proof technology, and the bionic aviation handle enhances the operator's driving experience.

Taking into account the environment and time of the snow field operation, HBIS XuanGong company also added a lot of thoughtfulness in the design: the cab adopts a large double-curvature heated explosion-proof front window, and the heating method is used to cope with the special working conditions of high mountains and steep slopes and strong winds. It protects the drivers and the precision instruments, and can react accurately and sensitively in low temperature environments, ensuring the safety of night work; the application of new rubber material track not only meets the requirements of snow road leveling, but also greatly reduces the weight of the whole machine. In the first test under actual conditions, the snow groomer SG400 achieved a leveling rate of 98%.

At present, the snow groomer SG400 has been tested in several ski resorts in Chongli, and has produced high-quality, sharp-edged "noodle snow". This snow groomer has been recognized by the market and is expected to become an application product for the 2022 Winter Olympics.

Post time: Jul-02-2021