SXY-M-FS550 the report of deep ploughing and powder loosening machine

Recently, the first batch of 10 new agricultural equipment independently developed by Hebei Xuangong company, the remote control self-propelled FS550 deep tillage smashing and loosening cultivator, has been successfully rolled off the production line. This model is suitable for operation in mountainous and hilly areas and it has a broad market prospect.

SXY-M-FS550 the report of deep ploughing and powder loosening machine1

Aiming at the huge development space of my country's new agriculture in the future, our company has successively developed large-scale FS770 and intelligent FS550 deep tillage smashing and loosening cultivators, relying on its profound mechanical manufacturing technology. The off-line FS550 intelligent cultivator is equipped with a super crushing sub-soil deep tillage system. This system uses a new type of multiple spiral drill bits, which are rotated into the ground at a high speed of more than 40 cm, and quickly advance to agglomerate the soil slabs, plow the bottom layer, and plow the ground. Plant rhizomes are instantly crushed into granular powder, which promotes the rational distribution of soil nutrients in the plough layer, which greatly facilitates the reproduction and growth of soil microorganisms and increases the depth of plant roots, which is convenient for the roots to fully absorb and utilize nutrients. The FS550 cultivator adopts wireless human-computer interaction technology, and through the introduction of intelligent application systems, sensors are installed in each device to intelligently collect device data and control the operating status of the device in real time. The FS550 deep tillage smashing and loosening cultivator can complete agricultural tasks alone with the automatic control system. On the one hand, it reduces the work intensity of the operator, and on the other hand, it gets rid of the restrictions on the operation of the external environment. It can realize all-weather continuous operation, which provides a strong guarantee for the infrastructure construction of intelligent agriculture in China.

The deep ploughing and crushing soil loosening technology promoted this time breaks through the traditional deep loosening, plowing, harrowing, and stubble farming methods. It can complete the soil preparation work at one time without destroying the soil layer, replacing the previous multiple mechanical stacking operations. It can activate deep soil, save water, fertilizer and energy, which will promote the increase of agricultural production and income.

Post time: Jul-08-2021