SHWHWA Bulldozer Sales Have Recovered In The Epidemic

Since the beginning of 2021, SHEHWA bulldozer sales are keeping faced many difficulties: the resurgence of COVID-19, the continuous appreciation of RMB exchange rate, the shrinking of foreign markets, the shortage of domestic spare parts, and so on.

When faced with so many difficulties, International Department of SHEHWA is keeping strengthening the network advertisement through e-commerce, trying to develop new customers, Internally, keeping close contacts with old customers and paying attention to help them to solve alls the problems during the cooperations, especially for general customers such as Russian agent. At the same time, the International Department kept cooperating with Sinosure help the oversea clients to solve financing difficulties

SHWHWA Bulldozer Sales Have Recovered In The Epidemic1

Through unremitting efforts, the overseas business of the International Department still achieved great development during the epidemic period: continuous batches of bulldozers were sold to Russian market, agents in Ukraine and Argentina also signed new orders successively, and new customers in Tunisia, Algeria and other countries were developed.

With the shipments of batches of goods, the overseas market sales of SHEHWA have achieved a new level. The International Department will continue to solve all the difficulties and make continuous efforts to achieve bigger and stronger goals.

SHWHWA Bulldozer Sales Have Recovered In The Epidemic
SHWHWA Bulldozer Sales Have Recovered In The Epidemic2

Post time: Jul-08-2021